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StockingShock Sales

...the sale of stuff from the StockingShock Shop.

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This is a community made up solely for the shameless plugging of StockingShockery.

Since everyone has a selling journal now it seemed like The Thing to Do, and besides, selling stuff in my personal lj. was getting raggedy.
So from henceforth, all my off-site sales will be posted here first. I will no doubt use it to publicise updates and stuff about new items etc. and provide a 'Where the hell is my stuff'? schedule/list of excuses for people waiting on orders.

I will also use this as a nifty online gallery for anyone wondering if I can actually sew or not, rather than have them wade through the site. (The answer's 'Yes', bytheway.)

However- since I sell stuff thru the site, eBay and LJ, the things sold here will probably appear elsewhere. I have a buy-now feature on the site for the impatient, but I like selling thru LJ 'cos of all the faaaaahbulous people you meet. Therefore it'll be a first-come type setup, i.e. something may be listed here but if someone buys it from the site first, it'll be gone. Unless I can make another one, which will probably be the case.
This will therefore differ from my (as-yet-unstocked) eBay shop, 'The Orange & Pasteboard' (don't ask...), where I will only put non-custom things that can be boringly remade overandover.

Mainly this comm. will deal with accessories and odd little things that I make whilst watching the telly. There will be the occasional clothing sale, either a one-off or overstock from events etc. Real clothes will only be *orderable* from the site. Weird hybrids go on eBay.

Got that? Excellent- commence shovelling.
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