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Shop Policies, Rules and Suchlike

  • Postage and that

    The shop is located in the UK...
    ...but I can post-to anywhere.

    Postage amounts are included in each item description, please *look* before enquiring.

    For inland postage, I use Recorded Delivery because it satisfies Paypal. (even if you're not using it.) You get a number to track it with and such.
    For the rest of the world, you can have a number too, but it will cost you.
    Therefore, to keep costs below-insane and to ensmoothen possible difficulties, I get a certificate of posting. This proves that the things were sent. It is not accepted by Paypal as 'proof'- however, if the item ends up lost, it'll ensure we can claim back from the postal service. Acceptable compromise.

    It takes roughly a week to 10 days for things to reach the US by airmail. There isn't really an expediated service, but there are traced and insured options. (One of these is a little quicker, but you are really paying for the ironclad insurance... and it is rather expensive.)
    It takes about a week for stuff to reach places in Europe.
    And it takes anywhere from 1 day to a week for stuff to get to the rest of Britain. If you want something superfast, please ask for Special Delivery.

  • Payment

    All prices are in UK£. That's pounds, not Euros.

    Please ask XE to convert currencies before asking me. It's better at sums than I am.

    UK- Paypal, cheque, bank transfer, or postal order.
    USA- Paypal, cheque or money order in US$.
    Europe- Paypal, cheque or money order in Euros, bank transfer.

  • Quality

    I've been sewing for money for 6 years, including some time spent as an alterations monkey. The only training I have is informal and picked up from books, practice, ripping clothes apart and other people who know more than I do. I am an inveterate experimentuese and discoverer of techniques, and I like to ways of doing things from more respectable professions.
    To be honest, though, I hope you can tell how good stuff is from the pictures of it. Most of my stuff has some hand-finishing, especially accessories, and I *really* hate cheap lace, so you can be confident in its uncrapness.
    I wear my own-brand all the time, and am very punishing on it. I machine-wash everything also. If it can survive all that I throw at it I am sure it will be suitable for others.
    Btw. here's my eBay feedback. It's not quite 100% any more but any manky feedback is due to delays rather than quality issues.

  • Time

    This is something I'm not that good at. Sometimes it can take me a long time to get stuff made and posted. Sometimes I think it's not going to but a lot of things get in the way and fox that. This is partly due to incompetence, but also to (unpredictable) health issues. I will inform you if there's a huge delay but I'd rather not have messages every day. I'm not great at personal communication and even worse at trying to justify why, for instance, I can't always go outside on my own. ;-) However, I can be sure that when your stuff does get there you will most probably like it.

    This all changes if you have a deadline.
    In that case, please tell me! because there is nothing worse than someone saying they want it whenever, only to later say they don't want something because they were going to wear it for X.

    If you need something for a date, and I am informed of it, I will ensure it is supplied by that time. If it's not, you can punch me or something.
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I really like the look of the mini top hat with the black veil. Iv been looking for one for ages! I need it for sat 29th which is quite short notice i know. I just wonder how i can buy one and if i can get one for this time? Do i need a paypal account as I dont have one! please reply thanks!
If you're in the UK I can get it to you by then, but not internationally. If so, could you send an email about it to:
then I can sort it out?