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Glitter in your Gruel

Trades/ Wish List

I have listed everything here, since I need a list to remind *me* what to buy too.
However, you're welcome to request trades on sale items or commissions (basically trading stuff of roughly equal value- obviously I do not expect you to offer, say, an Angelic Pretty one-piece in exchange for a little tiny hat.) Bartering is fun.

    Clothes & Wearables

  • Plain cotton-knit tops of any colour (within reason... no chartreuse etc.), size etc.
  • Any vaguely-women's clothing featuring Bagpuss, Magic Roundabout or 'Rainbow' characters
  • Curious socks of any sort (longer than ankle-length)
  • Pointe shoes or any other ballet-type footwear. Size UK 6/US 8-9. Does not need to be new, or even in wearable condition! This is not for creepy purposes- trashed shoes are also welcome, I need them for photoshoots.
  • Any Japanese lolita-ish brand shoes or similar (i.e DD's rockinghorses). 24.5cm.
  • Odd, theatrical or vintage hats of any sort
  • Angelic Pretty print cutsews
  • Baby, the Stars Shine Bright almost anything
  • Innocent World. VM, Mary Magdalene or Juliette et Justine anything
    Sewing & Craftstuff

  • *Reasonable quality* Venise, guipure, Raschel, crochet, cotton, Leavers, Cluny, Torchon, Valenciennes lace.
  • Any fabric yardage at all (not scraps, I have enough of those).
  • Glass beads
  • Crochet cottons/yarn
  • Millinery goods (netting, wire, hat blocks etc.)
  • Ribbons
  • Buttons
  • Small artificial flowers/fruit

  • Futaba 'Firefox', 'Nyaake/Inu-tei' or '2k-tan' figures
  • ANYTHING OS-tan or Futaba/Nijiura character/neta-related
  • Manga: Anything good and not excessively drippy.


  • Anything by: Jeff VanderMeer, Kurt Vonnegut, Christopher Fowler, Ramsay Campbell, Philip K.Dick, Jan Harold Brunvand.
  • Anything at all concerning railway disasters
  • Any non-fiction concerning: industrial disasters, contaminations, untoward incidents, mass deaths, things of that nature etc.
  • Any pre-1960s books on etiquette, married life (particularly Bernarr McFadden!), health and popular medicine, sex theory, psychology etc. (Kraft-Ebing, Iwan Bloch etc.)
  • Fortean Times collection volumes
  • Isaac Asimov short story anthologies
  • How-to books on millinery or crochet/knitted lace
  • Escargot, Frill, Clara Bow, Kera magazine and the like.


  • Very boring postcards
  • Photos, postcards etc. of stupid place-names
  • Steam locomotive photos (particularly pre-1960s)
  • Old badges bearing slogans that no one understands anymore (i.e: 'Barclays on Saturday', 'Jaffacadabra', that sort of nonsense.)
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