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11:08am 23/06/2006
  Hello, welcome, buy things.
Btw. you don't have to join to buy things. You don't have to join to do anything (I only made a community 'stead of a selling journal cos I thought it was easier), except I post updates and stuff here... so maybe if you like my stuff, you might wish to join. I won't stop you.

Anyone successfully buying stuff from here, or from me in passing somewhere else, will get feedback left in the 'Good Traders' section of loligoth_dbs.

Noo this week: miniscule top-hats of various colours, sailor hair-bows, stripy mini-hats, and petticoats/bloomers.
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Trades/ Wish List 
04:55pm 18/06/2006
  I have listed everything here, since I need a list to remind *me* what to buy too.
However, you're welcome to request trades on sale items or commissions (basically trading stuff of roughly equal value- obviously I do not expect you to offer, say, an Angelic Pretty one-piece in exchange for a little tiny hat.) Bartering is fun.
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04:55pm 18/06/2006
  There are no OOAK skirts available currently.
Currently I am also offering some standard underwear as listed onsite.
These are available in various sizes (since they're adjustable we'll call them small, medium, and large), but are un-customisable.
White Lace PetticoatCollapse )
Black Lace PetticoatCollapse )
White Lace BloomersCollapse )
Black Lace BloomersCollapse )

Please comment below in the relevant thread (mentioning your preferred size), if interested.
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Badges & Nonsense 
07:51pm 20/04/2006
  Fripperies, plainandsimple. Totally unnecessary but quite appealing.

Lacy Heart BroochCollapse )

Lacy Flower BroochCollapse )

Please comment below in the relevant thread (mentioning your preferred colour), if interested.
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07:51pm 20/04/2006
  I am not a metalworker of any sort and the only welding equipment I have access to is communal, so I make my jewellery out of delicate and girly things.
Mostly consists of chokers, necklaces and head-stuff.

Please comment below if interested.
Hair Clips 
03:02am 14/04/2006
  Not in pairs. Clip base.

Please comment below if interested.
Hair Stuff 
03:00am 14/04/2006
  By the pair- set onto hair elastics ('bobbles', if you're common), combs, or clippy-barrette things. State your preference!

(Postage is included in all prices.)

Sailor Button PigtailsCollapse )

Please comment below in the relevant thread if interested.
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03:00am 14/04/2006
  Stripy Mini Top HatCollapse )

White 'Bouquet' Mini-hatCollapse )

Pink 'Bouquet' Mini-hatCollapse )

Black 'Bouquet' Mini-hatCollapse )

Purple 'Bouquet' Mini-hatCollapse )

Black Veiled Mini-hatCollapse )
Blue Ribbon Mini-Straw HatCollapse )
Blue & White Mini-hatsCollapse )
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03:00am 14/04/2006
  I don't think I need to explain the concept of 'headdresses'.

These are all samples I made 'cos my site needed some pictures. 'Samples' does not equal 'inferior'- these are all made the same way as if they had been custom-ordered. And I kept all the ones I liked, so you know they are wearable.

Postage is included in all prices. All headdresses have ribbon fastening.

Black & White Venise Lace Frilled HeaddressCollapse )
Grey Floral Headdress w/Black LaceCollapse )
Black veiled headdress with White Venise TrimCollapse )
Black Lace Headdress with Blue RosesCollapse )
Black Pleated HeaddressCollapse )

Please comment below if interested.
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02:59am 14/04/2006
  Images of things being wondrously worn.
Should give some idea of what the accessories are like with a head underneath them.

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Shop Policies, Rules and Suchlike 
02:47am 14/04/2006
  Snip for detailsCollapse )  
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