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I don't think I need to explain the concept of 'headdresses'.

These are all samples I made 'cos my site needed some pictures. 'Samples' does not equal 'inferior'- these are all made the same way as if they had been custom-ordered. And I kept all the ones I liked, so you know they are wearable.

Postage is included in all prices. All headdresses have ribbon fastening.

'Viola' headdress in black with white Venise lace overlay, ribbon and veil frills.


Basic rectangular headdress in grey and black floral cotton with black lace trim and ribbon detail.


'Shroud' headdress in black cotton with black veil, white Venise edging, lace trim and ribbons.


Similar to 'Corsage' headdress but in cotton.

Black headdress with black Venise lace overlay and raschel trim, finished with two blue ribbon roses and a cluster of blue and black ribbons. (Sort of a Moitie-ish shade of blue btw.)

'Nightshade' headdress in black cotton with pleated edges, cotton lace overlay and ribbon detail.


Please comment below if interested.
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